The electric cargo bike has become an important means of transportation for the public to travel and transport daily, and the battery is the core component of the electric cargo bike to provide energy, which determines the range and power of the whole bike. The types of batteries commonly used in electric cargo bikes include lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, etc; At present, lead-acid batteries in the market are mostly used in electric cargo bikes because of their low cost and stable performance.

Battery pack and vehicle matching

  • 1. The power supply voltage of the whole bike is generally 48V, 60V, 72V, and the capacity is 17ah, 20Ah, 32ah, etc. According to the principle of adding the series voltage of batteries with the same capacity, the capacity remains unchanged, adding the parallel capacity of batteries with the same capacity, and the voltage remains unchanged. The battery group is composed of multiple batteries with the same capacity in series or in parallel. Take 60v/20ah battery pack as an example. Because a single battery is 12v/20ah, it needs to be composed of five 12v/20ah batteries in series. There are two kinds of electrical appliances in the whole bike, such as lamps, meters, horns, etc., 12V and 48V. During the design, the voltage converter is used to convert the battery voltage into 12V or 48V. The size of the battery capacity directly affects the length of your ride, but the larger the capacity, the higher the cost of the electric cargo bike.
  • 2. Generally, there are two kinds of motor running kinetic energy provided to electric tricycles. One is that the battery group is provided through the control of the controller, which is pure electric. The other is the hybrid electric type. The working principle is that the battery group is controlled by the controller during normal use, and the range extender is used to generate power when the battery is low during driving. The range extender in the hybrid electric type is equivalent to a small gasoline generator, and users can choose it on the pure electric type according to their needs
  • 3. The service life and mileage of bike battery are closely related to the performance and charging method of charger. When charging, first insert the charging plug of the charger into the charging socket of the three wheeled electric cargo bike, connect the power plug to the 220V power supply, and then turn on the switch. At this time, the battery indicator red light is on, and when the charging indicator green light is on. The battery capacity has reached about 80%, and it can be fully charged after 2-3 hours of charging.

Lithium battery

Lithium battery has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high energy ratio, good discharge performance at high and low temperature rates, long service life, environmental protection and simple maintenance. However, the manufacturing cost is high and the safety needs to be further improved. Lead acid battery has the disadvantages of low energy, slow charging speed and large volume per unit capacity. With the development of lithium battery technology, lead-acid battery is gradually replaced by lithium battery.

Use and maintenance of battery group

  • 1. At the beginning of riding, you can’t speed up too fast, but you should slowly build up your strength. This will prevent the current from suddenly reaching the limit, accelerate the internal vulcanization of the battery and damage the internal structure of the battery.
  • 2. It is not allowed to walk at high speed for a long time, especially when the whole vehicle is overloaded, for example, when the maximum speed is 50km/h, choose the lower gear 40km/h to drive.
  • 3. Regularly check whether the wiring of each battery is loose and remove the oxide skin of the connector.
  • 4. Try not to use the battery with power loss, and charge it in advance when the battery is close to the low battery warning.