Why do people choose to buy electric cargo bikes in such a developed gasoline car market today? Someone asked why they bought electric cargo bikes? Here is mainly because of these reasons.

environment protection

As we all know, with the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more pollutants are discharged into the air every year, and environmental problems have become the most severe test at present, and electric cargo bikes are developed under this background. Electric vehicles use electricity. They do not emit exhaust gas in the air, and they can be recharged repeatedly. It is really a very clean energy. It has to be said that those who buy electric vehicles for this reason are all brave men with the world in mind and deserve to be commended


This is also one aspect that many people choose electric vehicles. If you ask what is the coolest now, there must be a high-tech competition, whether it is a science fiction blockbuster in the United States or an arms race in various countries. The electric vehicle is also a high-tech in the automotive industry. Its manufacturing process is much more complex than traditional cars, and its cost level is also the same.

Fast acceleration

Because the peak torque of the motor can break out instantly without any delay, while the torque of the fuel car can only break out more torque by slowly accelerating. If the fuel car is a jogger, then the electric car is a sprint champion! The 0-50km/h acceleration time of electric vehicles is much faster than that of fuel vehicles.

Battery range no problem

The most important issue for consumers who buy pure electric vehicles is undoubtedly how much their driving range is. I can clearly tell you that you don’t have to worry about the endurance mileage in urban road conditions. The times are developing and technology is progressing. Now, most pure electric cargo bikes can reach 40+endurance mileage, and most pure electric vehicles use fast charging technology. For charging, the power can be flushed to 80% in half an hour, which has no great impact on the city,

Low use cost

At present, oil cost increasing too much, but it is only a few to charge a new energy electric cargo bike. One year down the electricity money is not too much, relative to the fuel money is negligible. Because the motor is used, the cost of changing engine oil, engine filter and air filter is saved. Compared with traditional cars, the maintenance cost has great advantages. Although the structure of the electric vehicle is complex, the maintenance items are very simple. In addition to replacing the worn parts and part of the oil, you only need to check the vehicle with a computer.

For gasoline vehicles, driving at a constant or fast speed will save more fuel. The fuel economy is very poor when driving at a low speed. However, electric vehicles are on the contrary. The slower the speed is, the more electricity is saved and the lower the electricity cost is. Especially in such big cities, there are often traffic jams, so you are undoubtedly saving yourself money by owning a new energy vehicle!