As the manufacturer of Family Cargo Bike, we understand that in the cold winter, the cruising range of the electric Family Cargo Bike may be some challenges. In this article, we will share four tips for extending electric distances to help you enjoy longer electric riding mileage in winter, making winter riding more enjoyable and convenient.

To keep the battery warm:
Low temperatures can affect battery performance and capacity. Before riding in winter, try to store the electric Family Cargo Bike indoors in a warm environment and avoid exposing it to extreme cold weather. You can protect the battery with a thermal sleeve or cover to keep it warm during your ride. This improves battery performance and extends range.

Moderate reduction in electric assistance:
In cold weather, the range of the electric Family Cargo Bike may suffer a bit. In order to prolong the riding mileage, it is recommended to moderately reduce the use of electric assistance when riding in winter. Try to choose the appropriate auxiliary gear and power output according to the road conditions and personal physical strength. This reduces battery drain and extends the duration of electric riding.

Reasonable planning route:
Road conditions in winter can be unstable and roads may be snowy, icy or slippery. In order to improve safety and cruising range, it is recommended to plan the riding route reasonably. Choose relatively flat and dry roads, avoid too many ups and downs and complex road conditions, which can reduce the demand for electric assistance and prolong the battery life.

Moderately adjust tire pressure:
The temperature in winter is low, and the tire pressure may drop. Please make sure that the tire pressure on the electric Family Cargo Bike is kept within the proper range. Moderate increases in tire pressure can reduce rolling resistance and improve riding efficiency, thereby extending mileage. Please refer to the vehicle manual or the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure range for adjustment.

in conclusion:
When riding an electric Family Cargo Bike in winter, you can extend the mileage of electric riding and enjoy more winter riding by keeping the battery warm, moderately reducing electric assistance, planning routes reasonably, and adjusting tire pressure appropriately. fun of. Please pay attention to safety when riding and use electric assistance functions in compliance. If you have any questions or need further support, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.