Family Bullit Bike Cargo

Family Bullit Bike Cargo

Advantage of Family Bullit Bike Cargo:

  • This cargo bike is the most popular product of our company. Thousands of families around the world are enjoying this kind of cargo bike.
  • It is a healthy alternative way of transport. You can use this bike to take your children on a trip.Similarly, you can use it to shopping, go out for barbecues, travel around the block, carry pets, etc.
  • All of our front loading bikes are with Kenda 24′ rear wheels. It makes bike more stable when driving.
  • Wooden boards is of top quality, no one can compare.
  • For the painting of wooden box, we have our own painting room with 20-year-experience workers.

Kindly Reminder:

  • There are two types of bicycles, electric and non-electric, which are different in price.
  • The prices and details we show are non-electric.
  • If you want the electric one, you can send us an inquiry. We will give you a detailed introduction.
Cargo Bike

Bullit Bike Electric

Before you go on the road, you need to make sure that your electronic bullit bakfiets has proper lighting. In addition to wearing reflective equipment, it is also important to ensure that cars and pedestrians can see your bike. Depending on the model of your electronic bullit fiets, it may be equipped with integrated lights. If not, you can easily add them yourself.

Cargo Bike

Bullit Bike Electric

Part of being a safe bullit bakfiets is knowing the way in and out of the road you are going to ride. Before starting your journey bullit fiets, try to plan a route that avoids heavy traffic areas and busy intersections.

Planning can also reduce the pressure of real-time navigation and make you happy! If you are not sure of the best route, there are a lot of online resources and mobile applications that can help you.

Bullit Bike Electric

One advantage of the electronic bullit bakfiets is that it has multiple gears, which can be shifted according to the terrain. For example, when going uphill, it’s better to use a lower gear so that you don’t have to step on the pedal. On the contrary, when going downhill or on flat ground, you can use a higher gear to accelerate.

If you are not used to shifting, it may take a while to get the hang of it. But once you do, you will be able to better control your bullit fiets and make riding easier.

Customized OEM & ODM Service

Professional manufactuer, wholesale and retail, worldwide shipping service.

MOQ 1 only, door to door or door to port shipping, free tax (most district)

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