Today, with the continuous improvement of people’s cultural level, with the rapid development of e-commerce industry, people’s consumption habits have changed significantly, the consumption quality is also improving day by day, and the demand for urban delivery is growing, which creates a broad development space for urban last one kilometer industries. According to the statistics of the express data platform of the State Post Bureau, the express delivery volume reached 80billion pieces in 2020, and the express business volume reached 108.3 billion pieces in 2021, with an average daily express package of 300million pieces. So many express delivery from outlets to customer need express delivery one by one. Express cargo tricycles play an irreplaceable role in urban last one kilometer delivery because of their low cost and high convenience.

In the city last one kilometer distribution, the advantages of express cargo tricycles are mainly reflected in the following aspects: on the one hand, the cargo bike is a sealed space with high safety. The opening of space is prone to the phenomenon of lost parts, causing losses to businesses and logistics enterprises. The express cargo tricycle can block the wind and rain, and can effectively ensure the safety of delivery personnel while avoiding the loss of parts. Secondly, the cargo space is larger. Delivered by motorcycle, the number of packages loaded at one time is only 20 or 30, and the courier needs to go back and forth many times; In contrast, the express cargo tricycle has large compartment volume, high load quality, high convenience and strong practicability. In addition, electric cargo tricycles are mobile advertising boards. Logistics enterprises can spray customized graphic icons on express cargo tricycles to realize mobile publicity as vehicles shuttle through the streets.

In general, the working environment of city couriers is special, and the express cargo tricycle can meet the needs of city last one kilometer delivery. Today, with the increasing demand for express delivery in cities, the advantages of express cargo tricycles in loading capacity and flexibility are more prominent. At present, our express special cargo bikes, which have reached strategic cooperation relations with logistics enterprises such as DHL, FEDEX TNT UPS and so on, are constantly carrying out scientific and technological innovation and making positive contributions to the high-quality development of the logistics industry.
I have a small three wheeler cargo bike, most of the time, I am neither sad nor happy, my little three wheels are running around on the road