As the manufacturer of Family Cargo Bike, we know that it is very important to provide users with the correct starting sequence and teaching, which will help users to drive the electric Family Cargo Bike safely and smoothly. In this article, we will introduce the starting sequence and starting teaching of the electric Family Cargo Bike in detail to help users better master the use skills.

Starting order:
(1) Adjust the seat and mirror: First, adjust the seat and rearview mirror to ensure a comfortable riding posture and a good view. The height of the seat should allow the feet to easily touch the ground to avoid instability when riding. The rearview mirror should be adjusted to a suitable position in order to observe the traffic conditions behind.

(2) Turn on the power: Turn on the power switch of the electric Family Cargo Bike, which is usually located under the control panel or seat of the vehicle. When powered on, a display or indicator light will show the status of the vehicle.

(3) Adjust the accelerator: Before starting, adjust the position of the accelerator properly so that it can be easily operated when needed. The throttle on an electric Family Cargo Bike is usually located on the handlebar or thumb throttle, which may vary from model to model.

(4) Check the brake: Before starting, step on the brake lightly to ensure that the brake system can work normally. Make sure the brakes are responsive enough to stop in time when needed.

Start teaching:
(1) Put your feet on the ground: When preparing to start, put one foot on the ground and the other on the pedal of the vehicle.

(2) Operate the accelerator: Gently turn or press the accelerator to control the power of the vehicle’s electric assistance. Gradually increase the throttle so that the vehicle begins to move forward slowly.

(3) Release the brakes: When the vehicle starts to move forward, gradually release the brakes to allow the vehicle to drive at a slow speed. During the start, maintain a steady and smooth maneuver and avoid sharp acceleration.

(4) Maintain balance: It is very important to maintain the balance of the vehicle when starting off. Distribute your weight evenly on both sides of the vehicle and avoid leaning to one side.

(5) Observe the front: During the starting process, always keep your attention on the road ahead. Watch the traffic situation and obstacles, avoid collisions and dangers.

(6) Drive slowly: When starting, drive at a slow speed and be familiar with the handling of the vehicle. Gradually increase the speed after getting familiar with it.

(7) Brake in time: When you need to stop or slow down, step on the brake lightly in time to slow down the speed. Avoid sudden braking to avoid instability or unexpected situations.

Proper start sequence and teaching are critical to the user’s safety and riding experience. Before starting, make sure the seat and rearview mirror are adjusted properly, turn on the power and adjust the throttle position. During the starting process, keep the vehicle balanced, operate smoothly, and pay attention to the traffic conditions ahead. Drive slowly to gradually become familiar with the handling of the vehicle, and brake in time to maintain safety. As the manufacturer of Family Cargo Bike, we recommend that users read the instruction manual before use to understand the key points and precautions of the vehicle. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, we will be happy to support you.