How many years can an electric cargo bike ride? This is the concern of many users. Under normal use, the service life of electric cargo bike can reach 7-8 years. However, the service life of the electric cargo bike will be greatly reduced under the condition of overload or poor service environment. If your electric cargo bike has these four conditions, it will be in the state of scrap.

1、 The frame is aged and severely corroded

The load-bearing pressure of the electric cargo bike is much greater than that of the electric bicycle, so the fatigue degree of the frame is much higher than that of the ordinary two wheeled electric bike. Once the frame has serious rust, and it becomes loose when riding, it is basically scrapped quickly.

2、 Power consumption is serious, and the maximum mileage is less than 10km

The endurance mileage of a new electric cargo bike is 50-70km. After a few years of use, the endurance may decline. However, if the actual endurance of the electric cargo bike is not increased to 50 km after replacing the new battery, but is still within 10km, it indicates that the core components such as the motor or controller are seriously aging, and the rear axle motor or controller needs to be replaced.

3、 Aging parts and frequent failures

If the motor, tire, controller and other parts of an electric cargo bike often fail, it means that these parts may be aging. Even if they are repaired, they will fail again in a few days. In this way, it is a waste of time and high maintenance cost. It is better to scrap it directly.

4、 The cargo bike doesn’t run fast, and the abnormal noise is obvious

Generally, the abnormal noise of new cargo bike is very small, but after a few years of use, some structural parts of the electric cargo bike will age. When riding, there will be a squeaky abnormal noise. At the same time, the speed of the cargo bike is not fast, indicating that the cargo bike has reached the point of scrapping.

If you want to use your electric cargo bike longer, you must know how to care for and maintain it. If you have a parking shed, try to park it in the shed to avoid the wind and the sun. In addition, do not overload frequently, and try to pull the goods within the rated load range, so as to ensure the service life of the electric cargo bike.

Top cargo bike’s latest family cargo bike, whose frame is made of coated steel bars, is more corrosion-resistant and impact resistant. The battery is a 36v/10.4ah lithium battery, with stronger endurance. Some other configurations are also better than the electric cargo bike at the same price in the current market, so its service life is longer. You can buy it with confidence!