Electric cargo bikes are one of the most important means of transportation for people to drive outside, especially during short trips. Many people are willing to use cargo bicycles as a means of transportation. However, when purchasing electric vehicles, we will find that after so many years of development, electric vehicles have become increasingly expensive, while some electric vehicle batteries have become less durable? What’s going on here?

Why Electric Vehicles Are Selling More and More Expensive

As an insider, the editor believes that it is mainly caused by the following three reasons.

1. Lithium batteries have pushed up the price of electric vehicles

After the release of the new national standard for electric vehicles, due to weight limitations, the new national standard electric vehicles cannot be equipped with large capacity lead-acid batteries. Therefore, the range of the new national standard electric vehicles is not very long, usually around 40-50 kilometers. In order to meet people’s long-distance travel needs, some electric vehicles are equipped with lithium batteries.

Due to the relatively light weight of lithium batteries, the new national standard electric vehicles can be equipped with larger capacity lithium batteries, which significantly increases the range. However, the price of lithium batteries is also relatively high. Generally, lithium batteries with the same capacity which makes the price of electric vehicles much higher.

2. Large brand electric vehicles with significantly higher premium rates

After so many years of development, electric vehicles have begun to develop towards branding, and many large brand electric vehicles have emerged. In order to avoid homogenization issues, some large brand electric vehicles often develop their own new electric vehicle designs. The new styles not only require research and development costs, but also have high outer film costs, which increases the cost of large brand electric vehicles.

Even for some small brands, and even some models with severe homogenization, their prices have not significantly increased because they often use male model accessories, and all parts of electric vehicles can be purchased from the market, so the cost has decreased. 3. Enhanced intelligent functions of electric vehicles

In addition to basic driving functions, some high-end models of electric vehicles nowadays are equipped with many intelligent functions, such as NFC unlocking, intelligent sensing, remote control of mobile apps, LCD instrument panel projection, and other practical functions. These intelligent functions make electric vehicles more convenient to ride and can better manage electric vehicles. However, the only drawback is that the price of electric vehicles has increased.

Why are electric vehicle batteries becoming less durable

Although the purchase price of electric vehicles is getting higher and higher, we have found that the lead-acid batteries of electric vehicles are becoming less durable, especially some cheap electric vehicles, where the batteries can only be used for 1-2 years and need to be replaced. What is this? Generally speaking, there are three reasons for this.

1. Removing diaphragm and reducing weight of lead-acid batteries

In the past, in order to increase the service life of lead-acid batteries, diaphragm elements were added to the battery, which can reduce the crystallization pulse of the electrolyte and enhance corrosion. In order to protect the environment and reduce pollution, current lead-acid batteries require “de diaphragm”, which weakens the durability of the battery and shortens its service life.

In addition, after the introduction of the new national standard for electric vehicles, in order to meet the weight limit of electric vehicles, lead-acid batteries have further reduced weight and reduced the thickness of the lead plate, which also leads to a decrease in the service life of lead-acid batteries.

2. Increased functionality and power consumption of electric vehicles

Nowadays, electric vehicles have more and more functions, especially some intelligent ones. Even if electric vehicles are not used, these accessories are still consuming electricity, which increases the power consumption of electric vehicles, shortens their range, increases the number of battery charges, and thus shortens their service life.

3. Battery manufacturers launch multiple models of batteries in pursuit of maximizing profits

When replacing batteries in the past, there were not many battery models to choose from, but now there are more and more battery models. Even for the same brand and model, there are multiple types of batteries, Their prices are naturally different, divided into three levels: high, medium, and low.

Battery manufacturers aim to achieve greater profits by introducing multiple models of batteries. Low end batteries have a shorter lifespan but are cheaper, allowing the brand to gain more sales market. High end batteries have a longer lifespan but higher prices, allowing the brand to achieve greater profits and achieving a balance between the manufacturer’s profits and the market.


The reason why electric cargo bikes are selling more and more expensive nowadays is mainly due to the above three reasons. However, many cargo bike owners have found that batteries are becoming less durable, their range is shortened, and their service life is reduced, which is also caused by many objective reasons. Overall, electric vehicles are still the most practical means of transportation for the working class, and there is currently no other means of transportation to replace them, If there are any, I believe the price of electric vehicles will also be further reduced.