Electric cargo bike is a kind of transportation tool transformed on the basis of bicycle, which can carry people and goods. Therefore, electric cargo bikes can be seen everywhere in the street. However, electric tricycles also have many potential safety problems. Now, with the increase of electric tricycle transport vehicles and the continuous expansion of road transportation and operation scope, electric tricycle accidents have also increased.

The following describes the reasons for the high incidence of accidents

The electric tricycle on the road has poor safety performance and many hidden dangers. Most electric tricycle drivers will modify the electric tricycle, such as installing a roof, which will hinder the driver’s side and rear driving line of sight.

Warm tips: when the electric tricycle passes through a steep slope, crosses more than four motor lanes, or the brake fails on the way, it must get off to implement. Before getting off, you must swing your hand up and down to indicate that it is not allowed to hinder the driving of the vehicles behind.

Main causes of overturning accident of electric tricycle

The electric tricycle on the road brings great potential safety hazards to the traffic, of which rollover is very common. Next, we will analyze the main causes of the electric tricycle rollover accident. Please read it carefully.

Now, electric tricycles can be seen all over the street. Presumably, we have also seen such a scene on the road: electric tricycles have strong motor lanes, disobey traffic rules, and run recklessly. It can be seen that electric tricycles really bring great hidden dangers to traffic. The most common accident of electric tricycle is the rollover of electric tricycle.

The main causes of the electric tricycle rollover accident are analyzed as follows:;

According to the analysis of experts, there are quite strict requirements for vehicle balance due to speed and inertia during high-speed driving. When the running vehicle has an accident, it is easy to cause the vehicle to roll over. The rollover of electric tricycle can be summarized into three reasons:

  • 1. The speed is too fast;
  • 2. The angle is too large;
  • 3. The center of gravity is too high.

In addition, overload of electric tricycle, unbalanced placement of loaded goods, sudden tire burst during driving, emergency braking and avoidance in case of accidents on the way, and sharp turning during driving are also the main reasons for rollover. In addition, drivers who are not familiar with the road conditions or lack of driving experience may easily cause the vehicle to roll over.

The small editor reminds the drivers of electric tricycles to skillfully use the prediction of speed and distance position to make full use of inertia. When meeting a car, when it meets a red light, it will slide in place with inertia at the corner, which saves fuel and vehicle, and is safe. Also, when turning, predict the speed and distance in advance, slow down to the turning point and stop quickly, then refuel and turn slowly.