1. Convenient parking

It’s too difficult to park in urban areas…… Just like a joking says, 10 minutes driving on the road, parking car need half an hour. Parking is hard to find. It’s different to ride a cargo bike. There are parking spaces everywhere.

2. Saving cost

I calculated that the fuel cost about 600 USD when driving every month, and it will cost about 7200 USD a year. If ride a bike, the only cost a few more dollars a month.

3. Relax

You may wonder that driving car is also relax. No, for some drivers,there is no relax when driving, especially in the peak period of rainy days, when we are blocked in the traffic flow, Riding a car is different. You can listen music no problem. Just pay attention to ensure that you can get home safely.

4. Comfortable air

After a hard and busy day, it’s really sour to sit in the car exposed to the sun for a day. Summer is coming. It’s very comfortable to go to work with the air conditioner on in the car, but I often feel suffocated when I just get on the car. Riding a bike is different. The wind comes from all directions. You can better feel the change of the four seasons

5. Energy conservation and environmental protection

Frequent smog days definitely cause by car exhaust, and long-time inhalation of automobile exhaust will cause great harm to our body, leading to the decline of system immunity, chronic trachea, asthma, decline of lung function, causing body tumors, etc. Riding a bike is different. It has no pollution and no emission. After all, we all hope that our future generations will live in a healthier environment.

There are lots of benefits to riding a bike, but we should also pay attention to the bad driving habits of many cyclists. We have sorted out the some points, wear safety helmets when riding, do not call when riding a bike, no overcrowding etc.

For the safety of yourself and others, you must abide by the driving rules and be a good rider who abides by the law.