It’s summer now. Is it hot. When people feel hot,we want cool down, so when the electric cargo bike runs far away, it will also be hot. Let’s also cool down the electric cargo bike in the hot summer!

First way of cooling down

Don’t expose your cargo bike to the sun for a long time. Exposure to the sun will have a bad impact on the leather seats, plastic shells, tires, batteries, etc. In the long run, it is bound to affect the service life of electric cargo bikes. Therefore, pay attention to anti sun when parking electric cargo bikes in high temperature days.

Second way of cooling down

Don’t charge it outdoors in the sun. The temperature is high in summer. If you charge in the sun, the charger will heat up during the charging process, and then the direct sunlight will accelerate the aging, damage and even fire of the charger. Therefore, you must pay attention to the fire prevention and high temperature prevention of electric cargo bikes in summer. The cargo bike should be parked in the basement, with a sunshade, ventilated and dry, away from inflammables and explosives.

Third way of cooling down

Prevent overcharging. At high temperature, the battery activity increases and the charging speed is fast, so it is necessary to control the charging time. The charging time of electric cargo bikes in summer is about 8 hours. Generally, some people charge when there is electricity after work or when they go home. They don’t unplug it until they charge it in the morning or use it. It takes more than 8 hours, which is easy to cause premature aging of the battery, and short circuit and fire.

Forth way of cooling down

No use or less use quickly charge. At high temperature, the probability of battery bulge is high. At this time, if you use high current to quickly charge, the internal reaction of the battery will be accelerated, which is very easy to cause too fast water loss and battery deformation.

Fifth way of cooling down

Do not recharge immediately after riding. During the use of electric vehicles, all components, especially the battery, will get hot and hot. If you charge it immediately, it may cause the line to get hot and fire, and the battery to get out of control. Under normal circumstances, do not charge immediately after riding to avoid damaging the battery or electric cargo bike.

In addition, it is best not to ride immediately after charging. In the above two cases, let the battery stay for half an hour before charging and riding.