With the increasing congestion of urban transportation, electric cargo bikes have become the first choice for more consumers to travel, especially in the context of the continuous decline in electric vehicle prices. Buying electric cargo bikes has become a choice for many people. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone to pay attention to three points: buying a cargo bike is no longer a loss.

Remember 2 points when buying a cargo bike, you won’t suffer losses

The price reduction of electric vehicles is indeed a good thing for us, as the price competition is between manufacturers and merchants. The lower the price, the lower the profit. Therefore, when buying electric vehicles in the second half of the year, it is important to pay attention to three points: being cheap is not a good thing.

  • 1. Don’t buy too low-priced cargo bikes: There are big brands in the electric vehicle industry, as well as some very cheap cargo bikes. and in fact, it’s not too much to describe products as junk. The battery is either refurbished or out of stock, and other components will inevitably encounter various problems within a year of use.
  • 2. Don’t buy high-priced luxury cargo bikes: The price competition in the second half of the year will be fierce, but there are also so-called high-end models of luxury cargo bikes that rarely reduce prices. Even if the price is reduced, the price is not low.

Choosing the right battery and motor is more cost-effective

The above is all about the issue of electric vehicle brands, but electric vehicles are ultimately a means of transportation and value actual functionality. Therefore, the configuration of batteries and motors is very important, and choosing according to demand will be more cost-effective.

If it is a household electric cargo bike with a range of less than 30 kilometers, it is recommended to choose an electric bicycle with a 250W motor and a 36V battery, which is cheap and can meet basic needs. But if there are requirements for endurance and power, you can choose electric cargo bicycle with a 500W motor and 48V battery, which combines endurance and power, and the price is moderate

If it’s a special profession cargo bike for delivery staff, then you should choose electric bike with high class . The higher the configuration, the better. However, nowadays in cities, it’s popular to replace batteries. Delivery staff can rent lithium batteries instead of buying them themselves to meet the demand for dotted line battery life, and the cost is relatively low. This method is only applicable to the group of delivery workers who use the cargo bike for a long time, and it is generally not recommended for families to change or rent electricity.


The electric cargo bike market is huge, Everyone should also be aware that low prices can also lead to problems. Only by choosing the right electric vehicle at the right time with the least amount of money is the key. What do you think of this?