In recent years, electric cargo bikes have developed rapidly and gradually entered the homes of many users. However, in the process of use, many users are complaining about the same problem, that is, electric cargo bikes are not durable and easy to break down and damage. In fact, for this problem, in addition to the quality of the bike itself, it is related to the user’s behavior habits, and the wrong behavior habits may lead to the direct damage of the cargo bike. Here is an inventory of the five behavior habits that hurt the electric tricycle most.

1. Severely overloaded driving

The first behavior is serious overloading. Although most electric tricycles are mainly freight bikes and have excellent power, in fact, if they are seriously overloaded, they may directly damage the battery and scrap it. Take the maximum load of 600kg as an example. If the load is 1000kg, it belongs to overload driving, and at this time, the battery can be strained.

2. Excessive wading

The second behavior is excessive wading. Although many electric tricycles have good waterproof performance, the longer the time, the weaker their performance will appear. At this time, if you force excessive wading, there may be water damage to the motor, demagnetization and rust, and at this time, there will be a sharp decline in power and endurance.

3. Use fast charging

The third behavior is to use fast charging. Although using fast charging can save charging time, it will actually accelerate the water loss rate of the battery and reduce its life. In addition, if the charger itself is faulty, the battery may be directly damaged by using fast charging.

4. Refitting cargo bikes

The fourth behavior is to modify the cargo bike. In order to improve the power of electric tricycles, some users usually choose to refit a high-power motor. In fact, the accessories of electric tricycles are matched with each other. Although high-power motors can bring more power to the bike, they will actually accelerate battery loss and even directly damage relevant accessories other than other motors.

5. Long time charging

The last behavior is to charge for a long time. Generally speaking, if the charging time exceeds 12 hours, it belongs to long-term charging, and this charging method will not only accelerate the loss of the charger and reduce its service life, but also affect the use of the battery, and even direct failure.

To sum up, the above five behaviors will more or less affect the use of electric tricycle accessories and make them fail to varying degrees. Therefore, for users, we should try to avoid these five behaviors and adopt a more reasonable way of use.