Nowadays, electric cargo bikes have become the choice of transportation for more and more people. However, the battery and motor of electric vehicles are also important factors to consider when purchasing. So let’s talk about the differences between electric vehicle 36V10AH and 48V12AH batteries, the differences between 250W and 500W motors, and how to choose the most suitable battery and motor for oneself. Let’s take a look together!

Differences and Choices between 36V10AH and 48V12AH Batteries

The battery of an electric cargo bike, as the core component, determines its maximum range, maximum speed, and power output. At present, there are two common types of batteries on the market: 36V10AH and 48V12AH, with the main difference being the required working voltage and capacity.

36V10AH battery: This type of battery requires a voltage of 36 volts and a capacity of 10 ampere hours. It is mainly suitable for electric light bicycle and has the characteristics of flexibility and lightness. When used in urban areas, its range is long enough, while in long-distance cycling, its acceleration performance is relatively poor due to its relatively low voltage.

48V12AH battery: Compared to 36V10AH battery, it has a higher voltage and larger capacity. This makes it more suitable for high-performance electric bicycles, with stronger acceleration performance and the ability to maintain high speeds during long-distance cycling. However, due to its high voltage, its price is also much higher, suitable for consumers who have high requirements for vehicle performance.

Based on the above introduction, when selecting batteries, it is necessary to choose according to one’s own needs and budget. If you only need regular family transportation, the 36V10AH battery is sufficient. And if you want to use it as a production tool, you can consider a 48V12AH battery.

Differences and Choices between 250W and 500W Motors

Electric motors are the source of power for electric vehicles, determining their maximum speed and starting acceleration. At present, the common types of motors on the market are 250W and 500W motors. Below, we will introduce their differences and choices.

250W motor: It is mainly suitable for electric light bicycle, with excellent durability and low cost characteristics. When used in conjunction with 36V10AH batteries, it has excellent endurance performance. In daily use, it can meet the needs, but its performance may be limited if high-speed driving or carrying heavy goods is required.

500W motor: Compared to 250W electricity, it has higher power and better acceleration performance, and can maintain a higher speed when driving at high speeds or carrying heavy goods. But it also comes with higher costs and energy consumption, making it suitable for consumers who have higher requirements for vehicle performance.

Overall, when selecting motors, it is necessary to choose based on one’s own needs and budget. If you are only using it as a daily commuting vehicle, an 250W motor is sufficient. However, if you need to drive at high speeds or carry heavy goods, you can consider a 500W motor.

Precautions for maintenance and use of electric cargo bikes

Although electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs compared to cars, paying a little attention to the usage of electric vehicles can greatly extend their lifespan. The following are the maintenance and usage precautions for electric vehicle batteries and motors.

Firstly, maintain the battery correctly. The lifespan of a battery is mainly influenced by its usage and charging method. Therefore, during use, it is necessary to follow operating procedures, avoid prolonged charging or excessive discharge, do not charge immediately after riding, do not charge in the sun, and do not mix chargers.

Secondly, use the motor reasonably. Use the motor moderately while driving, and do not frequently accelerate or brake sharply to avoid overheating or battery damage. And it is necessary to clean the motor, bearings, brakes and other components in a timely manner, as these components are prone to rust and affect endurance.


Through the introduction of 36V10AH and 48V12AH batteries, as well as 250W and 500W motors, it is believed that many cargo bike owners have already known the differences and selection methods between electric vehicle batteries and motors. At the same time, it is also important to know that electric vehicles are charged out rather than worn out, so it is important to pay attention to the usage and maintenance precautions of electric vehicle motors and batteries, in order to ensure that electric vehicles can be ridden for longer periods of time without having to spend money frequently to replace batteries.