Are you a coffee lover? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? Then a coffee bike might be the perfect solution for you! A coffee bike is a mobile coffee shop that can be taken anywhere, allowing you to share your love of coffee with others.

What is a Coffee Bike?

A coffee bike is a small, compact, and mobile coffee shop that is perfect for outdoor events, fairs, festivals, and other public spaces. A coffee bike is essentially a custom-made cargo bike that is designed to carry everything you need to make and sell coffee, including a coffee machine, a refrigerator, a water tank, and a cash register.

Benefits of Using a Coffee Bike

Here are some benefits of using a coffee bike:

Portability: A coffee bike is small, lightweight, and easy to transport, making it the perfect mobile coffee shop. You can easily take your coffee bike to outdoor events, fairs, festivals, and other public spaces.

Environmentally Friendly: A coffee bike is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional coffee shops. Unlike a brick-and-mortar coffee shop, a coffee bike doesn’t require any electricity or plumbing. Instead, it runs on pedal power or an electric battery.

Unique Experience: A coffee bike offers a unique and memorable experience for customers. People love the novelty of a coffee bike and enjoy being able to grab a cup of coffee while enjoying the outdoors.

Low Overhead Costs: A coffee bike is much cheaper to set up and run than a traditional coffee shop. You don’t need to rent or buy a space, pay utility bills, or hire staff. All you need is your coffee bike and the ingredients to make your coffee.

Flexibility: A coffee bike allows you to be flexible in your business. You can easily move your coffee bike to different locations, change your menu, and adapt to different events.

Types of Coffee Bikes

There are many different types of coffee bikes available, including:

Classic Coffee Bike: This is a traditional coffee bike that is designed to carry a coffee machine, refrigerator, water tank, and cash register.

Espresso Bike: This is a coffee bike that specializes in espresso-based drinks.

Cold Brew Bike: This is a coffee bike that specializes in cold brew coffee.

Tea Bike: This is a coffee bike that specializes in tea and other hot drinks.

Smoothie Bike: This is a coffee bike that specializes in smoothies and other blended drinks.


A coffee bike is a unique and memorable way to share your love of coffee with others. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a new business, or a coffee lover looking to share your passion with others, a coffee bike might be the perfect solution for you. So why not get on board with this growing trend and start your own coffee bike business today?

Compared with traditional cafes, Wheelys Cafe has three innovations:

1. Channel+mode innovation. Traditional cafes have fixed stores that sell both coffee and space, while Wheelys Cafe combines takeout with cafes. It is more flexible and pays more attention to mobility without the limitation of space and fixed places. Wherever there are many people, you can ride the coffee cart. Consumers can search nearby wheelys through mobile app, place an order in advance, make an appointment to take it away, and then take it directly.

2. Innovation of coffee cars. If you think the quality of Wheelys Cafe is poor because it is a “small workshop”, we can be responsible to tell you that you are wrong!
Wheelys has created a compact and fully functional “coffee shop” through technology, and the hand brewed coffee produced is no worse than that in the coffee shop. The coffee truck seems to be a modified human tricycle, but in fact, its technological content is extremely high!

For example, its roof is equipped with solar panels and wind turbines. After the car stops, it can charge the battery pack in the car to keep the car moving forward. In the car, there is also a water tank that can hold 20 liters of water, three stoves, a refrigerator, a built-in loudspeaker, a foldable desk, a router that can open hot spots, a mobile phone charging station and other infrastructure.

There is even a greenhouse with coffee beans on the car. There are two tablets with menus on the screen. Wheelys also designed a water tank to collect sewage under the water tank for environmental protection. The back of the car also has its own trash can. They even have a small air purifier, which can handle 6500 cubic meters of air every day. Enough to maintain the air quality around a coffee truck.

The innovation of this coffee car has a great impact! Starbucks needs $500000 to open a store, while Wheelys only needs $3000 to get it done. The entry threshold is lowered, so many people can participate in this business.