Coffee bikes are not strange to everyone. They are all over the streets and alleys of the city.It is very difficult to start a business in this market and make a way out. But under such circumstances, a Swedish startup called Wheelys Cafe entered the market.

Wheelys believes that large chain brands occupy a leading position in the coffee industry, but only provide cloning products lacking differentiation and surprise. Wheelys Coffee hopes to break this situation and provide consumers with better quality, healthier, more personalized and better drinking coffee. At the same time, it took them only two years to open franchise stores in more than 60 countries.

In fact, Wheelys Cafe’s mode is very simple, that is, all the equipment needed for making coffee, such as refrigerators, stoves, water tanks, etc., are loaded onto a tricycle! Yes, you are right. It’s a tricycle! Where there are many people, they will ride there to sell coffee.

For traditional coffee shops, people look for shops; For Wheelys Cafe, the shop is looking for people! Wheelys used this proactive approach to win over 60 countries in two years, while Starbucks took 44 years to achieve this figure.

Innovation of Wheelys Cafe:

Compared with traditional cafes, Wheelys Cafe has three innovations:

1. Channel+mode innovation. Traditional cafes have fixed stores that sell both coffee and space, while Wheelys Cafe combines takeout with cafes. It is more flexible and pays more attention to mobility without the limitation of space and fixed places. Wherever there are many people, you can ride the coffee cart. Consumers can search nearby wheelys through mobile app, place an order in advance, make an appointment to take it away, and then take it directly.

2. Innovation of coffee cars. If you think the quality of Wheelys Cafe is poor because it is a “small workshop”, we can be responsible to tell you that you are wrong!

Wheelys has created a compact and fully functional “coffee shop” through technology, and the hand brewed coffee produced is no worse than that in the coffee shop. The coffee truck seems to be a modified human tricycle, but in fact, its technological content is extremely high!

For example, its roof is equipped with solar panels and wind turbines. After the car stops, it can charge the battery pack in the car to keep the car moving forward. In the car, there is also a water tank that can hold 20 liters of water, three stoves, a refrigerator, a built-in loudspeaker, a foldable desk, a router that can open hot spots, a mobile phone charging station and other infrastructure.

There is even a greenhouse with coffee beans on the car. There are two tablets with menus on the screen. Wheelys also designed a water tank to collect sewage under the water tank for environmental protection. The back of the car also has its own trash can. They even have a small air purifier, which can handle 6500 cubic meters of air every day. Enough to maintain the air quality around a coffee truck.

The innovation of this coffee car has a great impact! Starbucks needs $500000 to open a store, while Wheelys only needs $3000 to get it done. The entry threshold is lowered, so many people can participate in this business.

How do they make money?

Wheelys’ revenue mainly comes from the sale of coffee bikes, with prices ranging from $2999 to $6999. In addition, each franchisee has to pay $199 per month for the use of the brand. In addition, 10% of the monthly coffee sales should also be handed over to wheelys. This has formed a very complete business model.

Wheelys Coffee Cart is aimed at the typical mature stock market of the coffee shop, and its way of entering the market is typical product innovation. Through the assembly, improvement and innovation of the coffee cart, the whole set of equipment of the coffee shop is miniaturized and mobile, which requires the entrepreneurial team to have a strong technology research and development capability on the basis of understanding the business type of the coffee shop. In addition, a certain moat is established by applying for technical patents.

Of course, in addition, it also requires a very strong marketing ability. It is not easy to break a breakthrough in the mature market. In this regard, the core founding members of Wheelys have established a small and famous advertising company before they founded Wheelys. They can easily capture the marketing link, which is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of their team.