Nowadays, with convenient traffic and congestion, more and more people use electric cargo tricycles in daily life. It may be very convenient for families who are inconvenient to buy cars or have elderly and children. Simple operation, safe driving, light and flexible. Then, many electric cargo tricycles buyers will encounter a tangled problem: how to choose high-quality electric cargo tricycles when buying?

Today i will share with you the simplest way to choose high quality electric cargo bike. In fact, we only need to look at the following four places to make an accurate judgment:

1. Painting: the first place to see is painting. Generally speaking, high-quality electric cargo tricycles have better painting process and more uniform color. The painting process of inferior electric cargo tricycles is relatively rough, and there may be uneven color on the cargo bike surface.

2. Frame: the next thing to look at the frame. Generally, the high-quality electric cargo bike’s frame is strong, and the welding parts will be more reliable. In addition, there will be holes at the bottom of the frame. The inferior electric cargo bike’s frame is rough, and the pipe is relatively thin. In addition, there is no drilling at the bottom of the frame.

3. Battery: Generally speaking, high-quality electric cargo bikes will use brand batteries, which are usually more durable and have a relatively longer service life. The quality of the battery is very important to ensure daily using. Such as power, cargo carrying capacity, climbing capacity and endurance.

4. Motor: high quality electric cargo bikes will use brand motors or self-developed motors, which are usually more powerful and accelerate more effectively. The inferior electric vehicles use bad quality motors, which have relatively poor performance and insufficient power. Therefore, for the user, it can also be judged by the advantages and disadvantages of the motor.

In short, if you want to choose a high-quality electric tricycle, you only need to check the painting, frame, battery and motor. Generally speaking, as long as these four places pass, it basically means that the vehicle belongs to a high-quality electric cargo tricycle.

However, even if a high-quality electric cargo tricycle is selected, the maintenance of the vehicle should be strengthened in daily life, such as no overcharging, no excessive discharge, no mixing of chargers, no overload driving, etc.