As the manufacturer of the Family Cargo Bike, we understand that sometimes the electric Family Cargo Bike can experience a humming sound during operation, even without gas pedal. In this article, we’ll look at what can cause your electric Family Cargo Bike to buzz and offer some solutions to help you eliminate this noise and improve your riding experience.

Hub Motor Noise:
An electric Family Cargo Bike is usually powered by a hub motor, which produces a certain hum when it is working. This noise is generally normal and will not affect riding safety or performance. However, if the noise is too noticeable or unusual, there may be a fault or damage inside the motor. In this case, it is recommended to contact our customer service team for inspection and repair.

Chain noise:
The chain on your electric Family Cargo Bike can hum, especially if the chain is slack or under-lubricated. Check the chain tension and lubrication to make sure the chain is working properly. Clean and lubricate the chain from time to time, using a special bicycle chain lubricant to reduce noise.

Bearing problem:
The humming noise can also be caused by bearing problems on the electric Family Cargo Bike. Check the wheel bearings, middle bearings and pedal bearings to ensure that the bearings are running properly and are adequately lubricated. If the bearing is found to be damaged or faulty, please replace it in time.

Riding environment and road surface:
The conditions of the riding environment and the road surface will also have an impact on the buzz of the electric Family Cargo Bike. Uneven road surfaces, gravel roads, or wind noise at high speeds can cause the noise. Choose a flat road with good road conditions for riding to reduce noise.

Loose battery box:
Check your electric Family Cargo Bike for loose or unstable battery boxes. A loose battery box can create a humming sound. Make sure the battery box is securely installed and adjust as necessary.

in conclusion:
Causes of humming noise from your electric Family Cargo Bike can include hub motor noise, chain noise, bearing problems, riding environment and road surface, etc. By inspecting and maintaining related components, you can reduce noise and improve the comfort and quietness of your ride. If you encounter noise problems that cannot be solved, please feel free to contact our customer service team, we will wholeheartedly provide you with technical support and solutions.

Note: As the design and construction of each electric Family Cargo Bike may vary, it is recommended to refer to your specific product manual or contact the manufacturer for more accurate repair and adjustment instructions.