Family Bicycle Transportation

Family Bicycle Transportation

Advantage of Bicycle Transportation:

  • This cargo bike is the most popular product of our company. Thousands of families around the world are enjoying this kind of cargo bike.
  • It is a healthy alternative way of transport. You can use this bike to take your children on a trip.Similarly, you can use it to shopping, go out for barbecues, travel around the block, carry pets, etc.
  • All of our front loading bikes are with Kenda 24′ rear wheels. It makes bike more stable when driving.
  • Wooden boards is of top quality, no one can compare.
  • For the painting of wooden box, we have our own painting room with 20-year-experience workers.

Kindly Reminder:

  • There are two types of bicycles, electric and non-electric, which are different in price.
  • The prices and details we show are non-electric.
  • If you want the electric one, you can send us an inquiry. We will give you a detailed introduction.
Cargo Bike

Family Bicycle Transporters

Pay close attention to the weather report at any time of the year. Since the temperature is rarely below 48 ° F bicycle transport service, you don’t have to worry about snow. But between wildfires, floods, mudslides and potential earthquakes, you need to be prepared.

Cargo Bike

Family Bicycle Transporters

No matter which bicycle transport service you ride, you should be careful when climbing mountains or turning corners. Even with the best brakes, it is easy to lose control when driving on uneven terrain. Not to mention, if you turn too fast, the front loaded bike can easily roll over. So, slow down, observe the situation ahead, and really take time to appreciate the surrounding environment.

Family Bicycle Transporters

When it comes to involving your children, remember to start small. On the contrary, you can ride a shorter bicycle transport service nearby for school pickup or play. Gradually build a longer bike ride, and they are more likely to enjoy it.

Customized OEM & ODM Service

Professional manufactuer, wholesale and retail, worldwide shipping service.

MOQ 1 only, door to door or door to port shipping, free tax (most district)

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