With the increasing popularity of electric cargo bikes, cargo bike have become an essential travel and livelihood tool for many families. How many years can an electric cargo bike serve normally? This is a concern of many users.

Under normal use, the service life of electric cargo bike can reach 3 ~ 5 years or even higher. However, the service life of electric cargo bikes will be greatly reduced under the condition of overload or poor service environment. In particular, there are four kinds of bad behaviors. If they can be avoided, it will not be a problem to use them for more years.

1. Shortage power riding can easily cause battery damage

Forgetting to charge the electric cargo bike can be said to be an important “killer”. If you want to use the cargo bike again when you forget to charge, you can only let the electric cargo bike use in the “power loss” state. This “power loss” method does great harm to the electric cargo bike battery. Each time you lose power, the service life will be less. 10 times you lose power, and the new battery may be scrapped. You should charge it in time to avoid power loss.

In addition, if the electric cargo bike is not used for a long time, it is best to ensure that it is charged once a month, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the battery, resulting in the electric cargo bike not running far and fast.

2. Serious overload, resulting in the loss of the whole vehicle and battery

Overloading is very common in the use scenario of cargo bikes. Although many electric cargo bikes have excellent power, in fact, if they are seriously overloaded, they may directly scrap the battery.

3.Charger are mixed or fast charged

The problem of mixed use of chargers not only hurts the battery, but also is unsafe. Every year, many cargo bike owners use high-power chargers to charge and blow up batteries. Remind you that you must use the original charger to charge the electric cargo bike.

4. Avoid bad driving habits

  • if you want the electric cargo bike to be used for a long time, good driving habit is the key step. It mainly includes the following aspects:
  • it is customary to accelerate slowly during startup to avoid wasting electric energy or damaging electrical components;
  • avoid tightening the acceleration handle after braking during driving, so as to avoid damage caused by excessive overload of the motor;
  • try to avoid driving in puddles to prevent the cargo bike from slipping and blocking the brake pads by sediment.


The above four behaviors will more or less affect the service life of the electric cargo bike, and even cause irreversible damage. Therefore, for users, it should be avoided as far as possible and adopt a more reasonable way of use.

In addition, if the electric cargo bike does not run far, it is recommended that you go to a regular store or repair shop for inspection. When it is a big problem, and the repair master may change parts to solve it.