Different countries have different levels of economic development, but people’s demand for express delivery is the same: low price and high efficiency.

Compared with the delivery link at the end, the cargo tricycle is actually the most practical, with free shuttle and no waste of waiting time and cost.

You would think that a bicycle delivery service would only be able to handle small loads. But actually bike couriers can carry loadsĀ over 200kg without any problems.

Amazon did a test to see which method of delivery is fastest in New York City.There are cars, electrical cargo bikes. Two delivery man were given a package and an address from their bosses, and had to deliver the package within a certain time limit and make it back to the office. The winner is cargo bike delivery man, cause there is no traffic jam for him, it save a lot of time.

All around the world, every major city has started using cargo bike for deliveries. Replacing the many trucks on the road with cargo bikes will reduce the load on traffic in the city. There is nobody who actually enjoys getting stuck in traffic.

The congressman’s comment on cargo tricycle is the future of New York express seems reasonable.